Bras come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re not just talking about the band and cup sizes. In fact, bras come in a wide range of cup shapes too, and this plays a huge role in how well a bra fits and how it flatters your curves.

So whether you’re a newbie to bra shopping or a seasoned pro, it pays to know the different bra cup shapes available and what each one does for your bust. 

1. Full Cup Bra

The full cup bra is a classic style that provides maximum coverage and support for your bust. This type of bra features cups that cover the entire breast, making it suitable for women who want fuller coverage. Full cup bras are also great for minimizing the appearance of cleavage and for providing a more rounded shape.

2. Balconette Bra

The balconette bra is a style with cups that lift and push the bust upwards, giving a more lifted and rounded appearance. This type of bra is great for creating cleavage. Balconette bras come in different styles, some with more padding or underwire for added support.

3. Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is designed to create a low-cut neckline while still offering great support and lift. The cups of a plunge bra are usually angled and feature a deep V-neckline that plunges down to below the bust. This type of bra works great with low-cut tops and dresses.

4. Triangle Bra

The triangle bra is a style with two triangular cups that are usually unlined and without padding or underwire. This type of bra is great for a natural, relaxed look as Triangle bras offer less support.

When it comes to bra shopping, finding the right cup shape is just as important as finding the right cup and band size. Each cup shape is designed to flatter your curves and provide the right amount of support and coverage for your bust. While these are just a few examples of the different bra cup shapes out there, it’s important to try different styles and find the one that works best for your body type and personal preferences.


At the end of the day, the perfect bra should make you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful.

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